Devon’s Woe

Hi everyone, I’m just another WordPress goon who hopes hoards of thirsty netdrinkers will gulp down his musings. I’ve made money and lost it, abused substances and am recovering, had a relationship and cocked it up. I’ve just been housed in a Mercia high-rise where, from my window, I can see the skyline of the city where my ex girlfriend lives.

Ever the obsessive, I stare a lot. My window is probably the most interesting facet of my life right now,offering a portal into the world below me. It has to be seen to be believed. Violence, drugs, gangs, sex – if my using days weren’t behind me (one day at a time) I’d be in heaven, as those below seem to think they are.Law doesn’t seem to exist – and there’s visible highs and lows even I, a recovering addict, can’t comprehend.

So while I’m voluntarily incarcerated in this god-forsaken place, let me, my camera, and whatever CCTV footage I can get my hands on bring you these tales from my window – I’m sure you’ll be as shocked, offended, dumbstruck and despairing as I.

The view from my window

The view from my window